Q : Why should I choose Artistry IT?

With our expertise in IT hardware’s, our knowledge has reached the limits beyond imaginations. It is because of our comprehensive IT solution providing technique and valuing an enterprise’s’ infrastructural changes that Artistry IT has provided their clients with improved and highly reliant IT services and delivery. Complying with their needs, network configurations and rigid budget, our team at Artistry IT know how to make the business of a client profitable by aligning the latest technologies to their IT needs.

Q : What sort of hardware do you provide?

We provide hardware for numerous solutions ranging from data centers, surveillance systems, call centers, network infrastructure, security systems and many more. All relevant hardware is arranged to our customers from any brand they wish. From the market leaders such as Cisco, HP, Dell, Juniper, Sony, IBM, Citrix and Digipass to the followers such as Fortinet, Sonicwall, Unify, Vm Ware, MS, Mikrotik, Deliberant, Quantum, EMC, ARC Wireless, BROCADE, Epson and many more.

Q : What are the differences between “pre-owned,” “refurbished” and “used” equipment?

Most of the equipment we sell is categorized as “Pre-owned”, which mean that it has been sold by the manufacturer or an authorized reseller and is being resold again. While some of the equipment was never used in the first place. If the equipment requires minor repairs or cosmetic improvements then it’s categorized as “refurbished”. We here at Artistry IT follow a rigorous inspection scheme of 101 inspection points which entails the product undergoing full inspection, cleaning, testing and reconditioning to bring it in mint state. We aim to provide the hardware in its prime condition along with extraordinary savings up to 90% off the manufactured price.

Q : From where does Artistry IT gets it equipment from?

For Artistry IT, most companies act as both customers and suppliers. Artistryit acquires all the surplus equipment of a company when it closes, upgrades or rescales its infrastructure. Equipment form a cancelled project or order also finds its way to our inventory.

Q : What types of equipment are available on the secondary market?

The secondary market consists of almost everything available on the hardware spectrum but mostly comprises of products which are in demand. Products listed on the top 100 or so list are mostly contested in the market by companies to be provided to their customers in short time frames.

Q : What are the benefits of purchasing pre-owned equipment?

The major benefits are high savings and fast delivery. Most pre-owned equipment functions as optimal as the new ones. This in turn provides price cuts up to 90% off the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OMEs) price. Equipment already in stock is shipped faster with a few days when compared to long shipping hassle of over 3 months for new equipment.

Q : What is Artistry IT Support Service (iTDSS)?

Artistry IT Support Services provides third-party maintenance and support for companies of all sizes. Our team work with the leading product manufacturers including IBM™, HP™, EMC™, Sun/Oracle™, Dell™, Cisco™, and more.Artistry IT Support features flexible maintenance and service level agreements, a certified engineering support team, and dedicated customer service representatives.

Q :Where is iTDSS?

Artistry IT Support Services has locations in the United States, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates.

Q : What manufacturer does iTDSS Support?

iTDSS supports every major manufacturer and many of the smaller makers’ machines as well.

Q : How does iTDSS differ from OEM?

Artistry IT Support Services understands that data center support is not “one size fits all.” iTDSS features custom-tailored programs designed to fit your specific needs. iTDSS customers see no price increases for the life of the equipment.

Q : Can iTDSS support used and new machines?

Yes. Artistry IT Support Services provides maintenance and support for both used and new machines, regardless of the equipment’s age or generation.

Q : What if I have multiple manufacturers equipment in my data center?

If you have multiple manufacturers in your data center, no problem. iTDSS can provide support across manufacturers on one simple contract.

Q : Does iTDSS support mission critical equipment?

iTDSS supports both mission-critical and non-critical machines. Our team even offer a blended approach that complements current OEM contracts.

Q : Are iTDSS engineers qualified to our maintenance need?

iTDSS only employs manufacturer-certified engineers. These are engineers who know just as much or more about your equipment as anyone the OEM would hire.

Q : What if some of my equipment is still in contract with the OEM?

If you already have a contract with an OEM for some of your equipment, it’s not a problem. iTDSS offers a blended approach to co-exist with your OEM contracts.

Q : What do you mean by a simple contract?

Vivamus facilisisnibh scelerisque laoreet.The days of managing multiple maintenance contracts in your data center are gone. With Artistry IT Support, we put all maintenance for all machines, across all data centers, and for all manufacturers on one easy-to-understand contract.

Q : What happens if I need to change my maintenance agreement?

Artistryit Device Support Services offers flexible, simple contracts. We will work with you when making adjustments to your maintenance agreement.

Q : Can I create my own SLA / AMC?

We offer a wide variety of Service Level Agreements, tailored to suit all levels of support. We also craft custom SLAs that are designed for your specific needs and budget.

Q :What is the purpose of the Customer Portal?

The customer portal is an easy to way to submit trouble tickets, track your data center equipment, review your maintenance agreement, and much more.



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